The Ethbay ICO will begin June 7 at 10:00 AM UTC and end August 7 at 10:00 AM UTC. The total available Ethbay token supply is 100 million. Of this number, 80 million Ethbay tokens or 80% of the available total will be reserved for platform investors during the ICO, while the remaining 20 million Ethbay tokens or 20% will be reserved for the Ethbay team.

Ethbay Token Supply (Total 100 Million)

  • Ethbay Tokens Reserved for Investors
  • Ethbay Tokens Reserved for Team

*If the ICO does not sell out the total number of tokens retained by the Ethbay team will be reduced to 20% of the total supply based on the number of tokens actually sold. The remaining tokens will be burned.

Price: 1 ETH= 5000 Ethbay (EBY) tokens

ICO Investment address: 0xDFB4524b1C1fE01075FAB0bB4E16Db991D58A3Bd

No country restrictions. Anyone from any country can participate in the ICO.

No KYC or pre-registration is required. Just send your Ethereum to the above address and receive your tokens instantly. It’s as simple as that!

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to send investments with a gas limit of 200,000 or higher. Transactions sent with a lower gas limit may fail. Excess gas fees will be refunded. We also recommend checking the ETH Gas Station ( to ensure your gas price (NOT the same as gas limit) is high enough for fast transaction confirmation.

We advise NOT sending Ethereum from an exchange (especially coinbase) as exchanges generally do not have support implemented for Ethereum tokens at this time. Web wallets work the best for receiving and accessing Ethereum tokens such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, and Parity.

The Ethbay token is an ERC20 Ethereum token built on the Ethereum blockchain. To add the token to your Ethereum wallet, enter the following information after clicking the “add a token” link shown in your Ethereum wallet:

Symbol: EBY

Contract Address: 0x12110e20309491db874219613f597de587861b57 (Do not send Ethereum here)

Decimals: 18

Tokens will immediately be sent to the same wallet the user makes the Ethereum contribution from after the Ethereum is sent to the ICO address.

For users who wish to participate in the ICO but do not have any Ethereum, we recommend using either shapeshift ( or changelly ( to quickly and easily buy Ethereum with other cryptocurrencies.

100% of the fees generated from the site are shared proportionally with token holders and only the token holders receive a share of these funds. Site profits will be paid in Ethereum on a monthly basis through the creation of a smart contract specifically designed to pay token rewards. Profits will begin being paid after beta testing is complete and the alpha version of the site is launched. More information on how to claim rewards will be available closer to the first round of payments. Token holders will also be able to vote on site proposals and token holders can also submit their own proposals for voting. Users must have a minimum of 200,000 tokens to submit a proposal. This voting system will be available at a later time. In the future, users will also be able to spend their Ethbay tokens on the platform when making purchases if they wish.

60% of ICO funds will be used for the creation and maintenance of the site, including bug bounties

20% of ICO funds will be used for marketing

20% of ICO funds will be used for future site development

If you have any questions or are having issues either sending Ethereum to the ICO address or viewing tokens in your Ethereum wallet after sending, please contact us at